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Dr. Padma Catell is currently teaching at psychopharmacology at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA, and is Professor Emerita at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Dr. Catell is licensed as a Psychologist and has a BA in Biology from Hunter College and an MA in Biology from the City University of New York with a specialization in pharmacology, which she studied at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Dr. Catell has been teaching psychopharmacology in the San Francisco Bay area since 1984. Her advanced degrees in both biology and psychology, combined with her extensive teaching and clinical experience, make Dr. Catell uniquely qualified to understand and address the problems facing today's clinicians in this rapidly-changing, controversial, and increasingly important area of psychology.

When she is not helping clients, consulting with colleagues, or teaching, she enjoys gardening, reading classic novels, seeing movies with psychological themes, traveling to exotic locales, and dancing with local tap and modern jazz dance companies. Contact the Author

Drugs and Clients - by Padma Catell, PhD

This book is for anyone who is studying or practicing the art of psychotherapy, particularly Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, nurses, graduate students, school counselors, and psychologists-all of whom have a need to know how prescription medications and other psychoactive drugs affect their clients.
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Drugs & Clients
Second Edition
ISBN 978-0929150-8789
284 pages • 6"x9"
Trade Paperback $39.95

Psychoactive Substances and Aromatherapy
8.5"x11" reference card

Common Psychiatric Medications
& Nonprescription Drugs

This invaluable resource lists the most common psychoactive substances by type (BzRAs, MAOIs, opioids, etc.) and the average daily dose range.
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Essential Oils & Their Uses
for Psychiatric Medications

This table lists the most common essential oils (bergamot, lavender, mint, sage, thyme, ylang ylang etc.) being used as aromatherapy for psychological purposes.
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