Drugs and Clients
What Every Psychotherapist Needs to Know
2nd Edtion
by Padma Catell, PhD

A Balanced Perspective

Depending on their training, most mental-health professionals are either strongly in favor of, or firmly opposed to, the use of psychoactive medications such as Prozac, Ritalin, Valium, and Zoloft. Dr. Catell advocates a balanced perspective, helping the clinician to evaluate the pros and cons of the use of psychoactive medications depending upon the specific symptoms and problems of each client. Practitioners also need to know how their clients are affected by commonly-used non-prescription psychoactive substances --both legal and illegal-- such as alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, nicotine, sleep aids, and many others. Drugs and Clients explains how psychoactive substances work, describes how to objectively evaluate their risks and benefits, and explories how their presence, or absence, affects the process of psychotherapy, with a focus on how to recognize when a medication evaluation might be needed.

A Clear, Concise Resource for all Mental-Health Practitioners

In Drugs and Clients, Dr. Catell makes the highly-complex subject of psychopharmacology accessible, not only to psychotherapists, but to all mental-health practitioners who have not been trained in the specialty of psychiatry. It is also an ideal text for psychology and counseling graduate courses in psychopharmacology.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Sleep & Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Chapter 2: Treatment of Insomnia & Anxiety Disorders

Chapter 3: Alcohol: Use & Abuse

Chapter 4: Treatment of Depressive Disorders

Chapter 5: Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Chapter 6: CNS Stimulants: Use & Abuse

Chapter 7: Treatment of Psychotic Disorders

Chapter 8: Pain & Treatments of Pain

Chapter 9: Consciousness-Altering Drugs

Chapter 10: Cognition-Enhancing Drugs

Chapter 11: Supplements, Herbs, & Oils

Final Thoughts

Appendix A: The Nerve Cell & the Brain

Appendix B: Studying the Brain

Appendix C: Transmitter Substances

Appendix D: Proposed Mechanisms of Action

Appendix E: Other Types of Drug Responses


Drugs and Clients - by Padma Catell, PhD

This book is for anyone who is studying or practicing the art of psychotherapy, particularly Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, nurses, graduate students, school counselors, and psychologists-all of whom have a need to know how prescription medications and other psychoactive drugs affect their clients.
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Drugs & Clients
Second Edition
ISBN 978-0929150-8789
284 pages • 6"x9"
Trade Paperback $39.95

Psychoactive Substances and Aromatherapy
8.5"x11" reference card

Common Psychiatric Medications
& Nonprescription Drugs

This invaluable resource lists the most common psychoactive substances by type (BzRAs, MAOIs, opioids, etc.) and the average daily dose range.
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Essential Oils & Their Uses
for Psychiatric Medications

This table lists the most common essential oils (bergamot, lavender, mint, sage, thyme, ylang ylang etc.) being used as aromatherapy for psychological purposes.
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