The 2020 election begins!

Jan. 20, 2017

So Trump is officially in office. I can’t add much to the thousands of other writers and citizens who are pounding out the pixels on their high-speed connections. However, I do have something nobody else seems to have: a way to piss him off, right off the bat.

I recently read that Trump, in the middle of an interview, came up with the idea to use the phrase Keep America Great as his 2020 re-election slogan. He even called for his lawyer, who showed up and saluted two minutes later. Trump told him to “register Keep America Great, with an exclamation point.” The lawyer replied “Got it.”

Well, I’ve been using Keep America Great on Don’t Be a TRUMPiE! bumperstickers since last Spring. Not sure if I always had the exclamation point in every Twitter or email ad, and I don’t know the ins-and-outs of copyright and trademark law, but I can prove that I was using it on commercial products selling over the internet on a major site many months ago. In theory that fact should carry weight in a trademark law proceeding, at least enough for a seat at the table.

There are various interpretations of the concepts of “fair use” for copyright and “first use” for trademarks, and a whole class of lawyers make great livings just doing intellectual property law. If I had gone to law school as planned, that’s the niche I would have gravitated towards.

So now, all these decades later, maybe I can induce Trump to sue me, and I can finally get to play Perry Mason for real! That should be fun, and at the age of sixty-eight, fun is what it’s all about. Right, Donnie? C’mon, Donnie. Sue me for trademark infringement. Let’s have some fun!

I’ve included several of the new graphics on this post, and anybody with an ink jet printer should be able to print them out. I will also make them available as downloadable PDFs very soon. Please please please print them out, spread them around. We cannot allow Keep America Great! to belong to Donald Trump.

Print them out and use them as posters, window signs, refrigerator or filing cabinet art, whatever. If the term/logo/slogan/metaphor/whatever is in widespread use, nobody can claim the exclusive rights. If Donnie sues, and my claim prevails as it should, I hereby promise to donate it to the public domain. Help make sure Keep America Great! stays in the public domain and does not become the property of Donald Trump.

All the images here are copyright free  for non-commercial purposes only. If everybody and their uncle prints these out for free or buys bumperstickers or t-shirts or coffee mugs before Trump’s lawyer gets in the paperwork, the better chance we have to stop Trump from appropriating Keep America Great! for himself.


The official NoTrumpZone™ sign

Just click on the graphic below and print it out on your inkjet printer for your very own NoTrumpZone™ sign for windows, doors, filing cabinets, refrigerators—you name it. Or copy it to your computer and resize it for stationary, envelopes, whatever. And please visit the NoTrumpZone store for bumperstickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, even ladies thongs.

The official NoTrumpZone™ sign is free for non-commercial use only!




The official NoTrumpZone’s RESiST!™ signs are free for non-commercial use only!

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