A Downer Day

9/14/16 Discouraging news on the Trump front, with polls showing him gaining in key states. Yet more articles on his appeal in my home area, from Youngstown to Johnstown and everywhere in between; Clinton down with pneumonia, zero results so far on my novel promo efforts, a hatchet job on my home town on YouTube. More to say on that later.

As for what’s truly important, my alma mater, Penn State, lost on Saturday. It was the 97th game against Pitt after an inexcusable hiatus since 2000. Maybe the honchos can figure out how to schedule one game a year from here on out. It was a great game and the young team looked good even though we lost, 42-39. Oh well.

The Pirates have totally collapsed and are now four games under .500m and six games back in the Wild Card race after what looked to be a championship year when the season began. To be expected.

The Steelers won handily. Maybe, just maybe, they could make the Super Bowl.

The 49ers won handily, a big surprise. So did the Raiders.

Why is it that sports scores seem more important than politics right now?