Bernie Says: “Don’t Be a TRUMPiE!”

Time for a short post and a new bumper sticker. It’s the second day of the GOP conclave in Cleveland and now Trump is officially the candidate and is nipping at Clinton’s heels in the polls. I have been struck reading about the many super-Bernie fans who say they’ll sit out the election rather than vote for Clinton, even after Bernie gave her his full-throated endorsement. Now if you’re a Republican who can’t possibly vote for Clinton, and decide to sit out the election rather than for the rest of your days be known as a trumpie, great. Then the bumpersticker “I May Be a Republican But I Am NOT a TRUMPiE” is for you, and you can sit out the election with a clear conscience. That way you can still be a Republican and proudly say that you were never a trumpie.

But for those of you who were really feeling the Bern, sitting out the election is the same as voting for Trump. If Trump wins, it will be your fault. Like Bernie says, Don’t Be a TRUMPiE!



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