Got Ink?

FREE NoTrumpZone™ signs.

Make yours today!

It’s easy if you have an ink-jet printer. All you have to do is click on the NoTrumpZone image at the end of this blog and print directly to your printer, stick on a couple pieces of tape, and—PRESTO!—you’ve got a NoTrumpZone window sign! Even your low-tech grandmother could do it.

However, depending on your system, the sizing may be off. A better way for many will be to copy the official NoTrumpZone sign to your computer as you’ll have more control over your printer. (On a Mac the easiest way is to just click on the image and drag it to the desktop; I’m pretty sure you can also do it on a PC, but I don’t know how. Sorry.)

I recommend setting the printer so the image fits the page, which should give you a perfectly proportioned 8.5″ x 11″ window sign. Your friends will love you if you print signs out for them so they won’t have to use their own ink. You can also insert it into Word or Photoshop or any number of other programs to resize and personalize your message.

The point is to have some fun while letting everyone who comes to your door or passes by your house, room, apartment, office cubicle or who raids your refrigerator knows that your area is a NoTrumpZone. You could be for Clinton or Bernie or be an honorable Republican disgusted with the voting habits of the party’s base, but you all share the same goal: you are united in your determination to defeat the Donald at all costs. You can help do your part by putting a NoTrumpZone sign where everyone can see it. It’s easy. It’s free. Do it.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to print out the NoTrumpZone™ sign below for your own window and to forward links to family, friends and frenemies. DO YOUR PART! And don’t even think about not voting. No excuses, reasons, justifications or feelings of righteous indignation will be accepted by history if you sit on your butt because your favorite candidate didn’t win. Boo hoo hoo. If Trump wins, it will be YOUR fault. Think Nader, 2000. You don’t want that guilt-trip.





The official printable NoTrumpZone™ sign

Just click on the graphic below and print it out on your inkjet printer for your very own NoTrumpZone™ sign for windows, doors, filing cabinets, refrigerators—you name it. Or copy it to your computer and resize it for stationary, envelopes, whatever. Let’s have fun this election season!

For non-commercial use only!