Luck of the Draw–the story of an era.

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July 1, 2016

Luck of the Draw, an exciting and heartfelt saga of a generation coming of age, has just been published by Castalia. William Scott Morrison’s second novel whisks the reader from the baseball playgrounds of Little League in the conservative Fifties through the Summer of Love and the protests of the radical Sixties and into the jungles of Southeast Asia and back during last days of the Vietnam war in the decadent Seventies.

It tells the story of a changing America as seen through the eyes of four idealistic boomers looking for love and trying to change the world. Like the millions of others who grew up in the Sixties, theirs are the stories of what it was like to be young and vibrant during those turbulent times of Cold War paranoia, political assassinations, civil rights marches, counter-culture hippies, sexual revolution, women’s liberation, military conscription, anti-war protests, and of course sex and drugs and the all-time greatest rock ‘n’ roll.


Tells it like it was.

LuckBoomerCoverLuck of the Draw

Author: William Scott Morrison
Publisher: Castalia Communications
Categories: General Fiction; Historical Fiction; Politics
Format: trade paperback, 6″ x 9″
ISBN: 978-0929150-30-7
Price: $19.95 (trade paperback)
Publication Date: June 2016
Other formats: Kindle, ePub, Audible
Stocklists: Amazon, Ingram


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