Blow the NRA Away


June 21, 2016

I posted this as a “page” in my website’s songwriting section a few weeks ago, but after the latest massacre (Orlando) I’m resubmitting it as a post in hopes of drawing attention to the problem of military weaponry in the hands of the public. As I mention below, I’ve been trying to get this song “out there” since the early 1990s.

Scott Morrison

Blow the NRA Away

This is my quixotic attempt to change the culture and the minds of the idiotic Supreme Court justices who can’t seem to read the Constitution. A “well-regulated militia” means EXACTLY what it says.

It’s also a good place to tell the story of my first day as a radio talk-show host. It was about three years ago, and I thought I’d give being a radio guy a try on our local low-power, all-volunteer station. I figured that as the creator and host of what I was calling  The Know Show I’d spend an hour a week talking about politics and taking questions as a kind of anti-Rush Limbaugh. It could be fun.

A day or so before my first show, a mass-shootings was all over the news (I forget which one it was as there have been so many). I’d written “Blow the NRA Away” back in 1993 after another such incident. At that time there was a group wingnuts calling themselves the “Michigan militia” who were traipsing around the northern woods in camouflage gear waiting for Bill Clinton’s black helicopters to swoop in and try to take away their army toys if they dared, but of course they never did.

Since then every time another massacre occurred I’d send tapes (and later Mp3s) out to radio stations and sing it at open-mics in hopes of insinuating it into the public consciousness. Although I got good responses singing it live, I was never able to get it on any radio station.

But now I had my own show, albeit on a tiny station where you never know whether anybody is really out there listening. The very first thing I did on that very first show was talk about the latest mass shooting, then I played the song. When it was over I gave out the station’s phone number and asked listeners to call in.

A minute later the phone rang. I picked up and said, “Hello, you’re on The Know Show.” Suddenly there came two sharp CRACK -CRACKs (from the sound I guessed it was a .22 pistol, as a pistol would be easier to hold up to the mouthpiece of a phone than a rifle). That was followed by the sound of the CLICK of the receiver as the caller hung up without saying a word.

I didn’t take any more calls that day or in any of the following shows. If you look at voting patterns this corner of California is almost as blue as Berkeley or Santa Monica, but it’s a rural area so there’s plenty of pickup trucks and NRA bumper stickers.

Anyow, here’s “Blow the NRA Away.” Feel free to download it, copy it, sing it to your friends, or pass it along any way you can. Just be careful where you sing it.

Blow the NRA Away2


PS– I quit doing The Know Show about two months later, not because of the threatening call, but because it was taking me twenty hours each week to prepare for a one hour show for an audience whose numbers I could probably count on the digits of my hands and feet.

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