Song Demo: “The One True Cowgirl”

This is one of my very first songs, written after learning  a couple of chords. It was a melancholy period in my life when the prospect of finding true love seemed very distant. The song was inspired as I was reading the novel “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” by author Tom Robbins.

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The One True Cowgirl

Scotty and the Skeptics


I wasn’t all that much younger
When they hauled me in one day
They said go out there and compete, boy
You gottat make your livin’ pay
Go out there and compete, boy
You could be first ‘cause you’re fast
Or you can grab up all you want to
Just damn sure don’t be last.

I said I only want a litte cowgirl
Who wants to live upon a hill
If Santa doesn’t bring her
The Good Fairy will

They said you’d better change your tune, boy
Your time ain’t gonna last
You gotta learn to use your elbows
To keep from bein’ passed
Go out there and compete, boy
Quit dreamin’ of that hill
You can buy a thousand cowgirls
For that one you never will

I’m gonna find the one true cowgirl
She’s out there hidin’ still
And if we luck together
We’ll live up on that hill
But I’m so damn tired of tryin’
Competin’ for a way
To find the one true cowgirl
Who can make my livin’ pay
Who can make my livin’ pay


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