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Theory & Transposing Guide(TM)

12"x18" folder on heavy card stock

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"It's like having Juilliard on a card!" Only $9.99

From DO RE MI to the mixolydian mode, this handy music theory and transposing guide has it all, combining the Key Signatures, the Circle of Fifths, the Great Staff, and our famous Table of Keys(TM) and Chord & Scale Table(TM). It shows you all the formulas for all the chords and scales used in popular music as well as which scales to play over which chords in all styles of music. It is also the best transposing tool ever made, showing how to write chord charts with Roman Numerals in the famous "Nashville System" used by studio professionals. It is the perfect music theory teaching tool and reference for all students, teachers, arrangers, composers, band leaders, and songwriters.

Price: $10.99 


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