The Eight Ball Poster(TM)

The Eight Ball Poster(TM)

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The Eight-Ball Poster is a big beautiful work of educational art. The painting "Who's Next", by artist Robert Butters, depicts a turn-of-the-century billard parlor, when billards was univerally known as a "gentleman's game". A portrait of Mark Twain, the era's most enthusiastic player, observes the game from the wall. But it is much more than just a painting. The poster explains common billard terms and the game of Eight-Ball and why there are so many variations in the rules. It fully details the "official" Billiard Congress of America tournament rules as well as the most common "house rules" and explains how they differ from each other. To top it off, the poster leaves plenty of space for the house to write its own rules. This beautiful piece of educational art will tastefully decorate any room and stop disputes over the rules before they ever begin.

LAMINATED POSTERS: The Eight-Ball Poster is also available laminated so that it can be directly written on and erased. When mounted on foamboard or masonite it becomes a beautiful, break-proof problem stopper.

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