LeadMasterTM Fret Markers

LeadMasterTM Fret Markers

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For many guitar players the logic of the guitar neck is hard to visualize when playing lead. LEADMASTER fret markers solve this problem by removing any doubt about which notes you should be playing.

Set #1. Notes of the Neck

Set #2. C major & A minor & modes of the Key of C

Set #3. A minor pentatonic & C major pentatonic

Set #4. E minor pentatonic & G major pentatonic


Beginner & Intermediate Players: The best place to start is with the most widely played scale, the minor pentatonic, which is used in upwards of 70% of all popular music. (Sets #3 or #4.) From Albert King to Chuck Berry to Van Halen, this scale is the guitar player's workhorse. This one you GOTTA know! It is a relatively simple five-note scale that is used in blues, rock 'n' roll, country, everywhere. TIPS: When soloing, the most important note in any scale is the keynote. It's your home base. Come back to it often. You can use it to start a phrase and almost always to end on. Minor Pentatonic: To spice up your solos, try bending the "4" (the 3rd note in the minor pentatonic scale). Major Pentatonic: Used in at least 40% of popular music-country, blues, R&B, southern rock. Play across the fretboard, or move diagonally.

Advanced Players: With Sets #1 and #2 you can check out the sounds of the modes. (For a complete listing of the modes and other scales see our Chord & Scale Table.) Major Scale: This is the most widely known scale of them all (DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-TI-DO.) The modes are created by playing the same notes of the major scale but starting on a different note. Each mode has its own distinctive sound. In the Key of C: C Major: Major scales are often said to have a "happy" sound. D dorian: For playing over minor chords, it can have a Latin/jazz sound. E phrygian: For a dark sound (metal minor). F lydian: For a major 7th jazz sound. G mixolydian: Play over 7th type chords in funk, jazz, swing, bluegrass, hot country. A aeolian (A minor): This is the "relative minor" and is often said to have a sad sound. Used in classical, folk, pop and hard rock by everyone from J.S. Bach to Randy Rhodes. B locrian: Play over minor 7 flat 5 chords. Very dark sound.

WHAT'S YOUR GOAL? When you put on a set of LEADMASTER fret markers your goal should be simple: practice the scales and learn the patterns, so when you take them off you won't miss a lick. REMEMBER: every scale pattern you learn can be moved to other frets so you can play in other keys!

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