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These are websites that are either discontinued, incomplete, or, in the case of Drugs & Clients, haven’t been updated to the new WordPress format. I’m posting them for informational purposes as they show the evolution of our websites and the ups and downs of various projects.

Scott Morrison


The Code Book of America


11876138The One Book Everyone Needs

1993-1998. We spent a lot of time in the 1980s and early 1990s selling posters by phone to thousands of music stores all over the country and wrestling with the constantly changing area codes. By that time we had produced posters for the musical instruments with the largest user-bases. According to the Gallup Poll, there were 15 million guitar players, 25 million keyboard players, then the numbers dropped to 2 million saxophone players and decreased from there. There just wasn’t a user-base that justified doing flute or piccolo posters. We needed something new and different.

After years of phone-sales drudgery, I had finally gotten sick of calling information to update area codes several times a day at fifty cents per call. It was obvious that what the world needed was a handy-dandy reference that kept up with all the latest changes. As industrialist Henry Kaiser famously said, the way to get rich in America is to “find a need and fill it.” And so The Code Book of America™, the one book everyone needs, was born. It was a much larger user-base than just musicians. It was for anyone with a telephone. Maybe this was the next Frisbee, the next Hula Hoop, the next Pet Rock? It seemed worth a shot.

It was a success for a couple years, with very favorable mentions in the “new product” sections of many business magazines like Forbes and Inc. several airline in-flight magazines, and we had a two major corporate sales, several thousand imprinted copies for Hello Direct, the major on-line site for everything in telephone equipment, and several thousand for Quality Books, a major book distributor.

New area codes were popping up all the time, and we updated it every two years. By 1997 we had enough of a track record that we finally got it into WalMart. Unfortunately, it was just about the time that the internet was getting big and suddenly if you had a desktop computer you didn’t really need The Code Book any more. Those of you in the book-publishing business will be able to identify with the feeling of having 10,000 books returned from WalMart. When writing this post I had to use the Wayback Machine to show the old Code Book website page as we’ve done our best to purge it from our memory banks. It’s been eighteen years but we still get calls from time to time from people hoping that we’ve updated it.

The Code Book® of America

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Drugs and Clients

Drugs & Clients cover
Drugs and Clients, What Every Psychotherapist Needs to Know

From Alcohol to Zoloft: What Every Psychotherapist Needs to Know

2004 & 2010. This site is for my wife’s textbook, Drugs and Clients, What Every Psychotherapist Nees to Know which she wrote for graduate level psychology students as well as for medical doctors, social workers, therapists, nurses, family members and anyone interested in psychopharmacology. Like the subtitle says, it deals with thing like nicotine, caffeine, MDMA, and benzodiazapines.

The site has worked great for her, but with the smartphone revolution it is not what web designers call “responsive” to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. We will update it when she finishes the third edition.

The site has a printable sample chapter, CNS Stimulants: Use and Abuse, which deals with the effects of things like caffeine and amphetamines. There are also two free printable reference cards. If you are in the helping professions or want to be, or if you have friends or family dealing with psychiatric medications, legal or illegal drugs, this book is for you.


Speak Your Mind

Scotty & the Skeptics

S&S coverBlog
Scotty & The Skeptics – Speak Your Mind

This is another half-finished site devoted to my songwriting persona and the mythical musical group Scotty & The Skeptics. It too came to a complete halt due to the fire back in Pennsylvania and has lain dormant ever since.

More on all of these later.