Happy Earth Day


It only seems appropriate to feature Save The Planet bumper stickers on a day dedicated to future generations. Earth Day isn’t just for tree-huggers any more. We’re all in this together.

BumperStickerPlanetSince my last post Trump got thumped in WI and then snookered out of delegates in CO and WY when the Cruzies took them all. Trump whined about the rules and threatened the Establishment with “a rough July” if the Establishment got sneaky. The Establishment just said “rules is rules.” The pundits were saying “this is it,  he’s finally done,” but then he handily won in NY and was back in the saddle. Then today he criticized the North Carolina law on transgender bathroom rights in opposition to the drumbeats of Fox News and Ted Cruz who are dissing him and calling him a traitor for an unspeakable conservative apostasy. (Who knew that hoards of transgenderites {is that a word?} were now openly cavorting the nation’s restrooms? Until Ted Cruz told me I had no idea. I guess nobody told Trump either.)

But what I find most interesting is Trump’s hair, which morphed from orange to white, literally overnight. It’s probably related to the fact that he hired a new hit man (er, I mean “campaign manager,”) who today promised the Establishment that Trump will be more “presidential.” He’ll have scripted speeches and use a teleprompter, which should reassure the Establishment. The new manager explained that Trump had been playing a role, like on reality shows like Survivor and his own show. It was all part of the strategy. Now that he’s man-to-man with Cruz he would be more presidential. In his last couple of photos his hair has gone from sunset orange to grandfatherly gray. I haven’t seen a report where anybody’s asked him what happened. Maybe he was so scared of Ted Cruz that his hair turned white overnight? More likely he’ll just say he decided to stop dying it, kind of like deciding which suit to wear. Here’ a  photo of his super-hot wife admiring his new look:

On the other hand, I suppose running for president can age you quickly, so maybe it happened naturally.

Update: striving for accuracy I googled “trump hair” and found a concise photographic history of the dozen or so different shades Trump has sported over the years, complete with Pantone color swatches and instructions for proper Trumpian grooming for anyone who wants to emulate his style.


Available Soon: Official NoTrumpZone stamps.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.33.21 AM

The Official NoTrumpZone stamps will be available at zazzle.com/notrumpzone early next week as it takes a few days from when a product is approved to when it appears in their store. What fun!


Meanwhile, here’s another bumper sticker. The Aztecs considered the hummingbird to be the fiercest of all warriors. Don’t mess with Mother Nature.


This blogging thing is kind of fun.




The official printable NoTrumpZone™ sign

Just click on the graphic below and print it out on your inkjet printer for your very own NoTrumpZone™ sign for windows, doors, filing cabinets, refrigerators—you name it. Or copy it to your computer and resize it for stationary, envelopes, whatever. Let’s have fun this election season!

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    Mr. Morrison

    You are certainly going all out as the possibility of Trump being elected President! I admire your tenacity.
    Keep it up.

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