“The Moo Cow Song” –song demo

I wrote “The Moo Cow Song” for my little buddy Sylvia. We were housemates at the time and she would sometimes run up the stairs and into my room and tug on my pant leg and insist that I, “Sing the Moo Cow! Sing the Moo Cow! Sing the Moo Cow!”





The Moo Cow Song


Scotty and the Skeptics

Moo moo goes the moo cow
When she’s makin’ milk for Sylvie
So Sylvie can grow up
Big and strong
Boo hoo hoo goes Sylvie
When she gets an owwie
Kiss kiss kiss goes Mommy
It won’t hurt for long

Woof woof goes the puppy
Meow goes the kitty
Quack quack goes the duckie
Floatin’ in the tub
No no no goes Mommy
When Sylvie gets in trouble
Ha ha ha goes Sylvie
She’s just having fun

Tweet tweet go the birdies
Singin’ in the trees
Baaaaa go the sheep
Grazing in the field
Whinney go the horsies
Over by the barn
And bark bark bark goes Rocky dog
When’s he’s chasing cars

Sylvie likes dance
And Sylvia likes to sing
She knows each and every song
In The Lion King
And Sylvie likes to run
And Sylvie loves to jump
And when she isn’t careful
She falls down and gets a bump

She likes to go out on the porch
And say hi to the moon
She likes to watch the sun go down
And play a game of zoom
She points out every airplane
High up in the sky
The airplaines go whhrrr whhrr whhrr
And Sylvie waves good bye

At night Sylvie picks out a book
For Mommy to read in bed
Then nighty nite goes Daddy
Kissin’ Sylvie on her head
And hoot hoot goes the owl
High up in the big tree
And chirp chirp go the crickets
Singin’ Sylvie off to sleep
Chirp chirp go the crickets
Singin’ Sylvie off to sleep



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The Moo Cow Song